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We will be continually updating our FAQ page, as we gather more and more insights from our key Tricopigmentation specialist Peter Joannou. Here are some common questions about the procedure answered:

Can I go straight back to work after having the Tricopigmentation?

Answer: Yes, however your scalp may feel a little tender for a few days.

Will people notice the Tricopigmentation on my scalp?

Answer: Probably not, it normally looks very natural.

I have an FUT scar on the back of my head from a previous hair transplant, can it be camouflaged so that it is not noticeable?

Answer: Yes, most scars can be camouflaged once they have healed.

How long will the Tricopigmentation last?

Answer: Tricopigmentation pigment was developed in a laboratory so that the immune system can absorb it within 2-3 years. It is impossible to say the exact timing because this also depends on the skin type, strength of the immune system, habits of the client, etc.

Will the colour of the pigment change?

Answer: The colour will not change, unlike some other pigments that sometimes turn blue or green. Tricopigmentation pigment gradually fades without leaving any residue or spots.

How deep is the Tricopigmentation?

Answer: Tricopigmentation is placed in the outer layer of skin the upper dermis, SMP the permanent option is placed in the deep dermis.

What colour is used for Tricopigmentation?

Answer: The colour is adapted according to the client’s hair colour & skin tone.

Why should I have a temporary procedure?

Answer: It gives clients more opportunities to decide whether they want to keep the Tricopigmentation in the future or let it fade out naturally. They may also choose to modify their hairline in the future & give more of a receding appearance according to their age.

Does the Tricopigmentation procedure hurt?

Answer: Sometimes it can feel a little uncomfortable, this depends on how sensitive the clients scalp is. If you have a sensitive scalp, paracetamol can be taken to help. 

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