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Peter Joannou Tricopigmentation Specialist
Peter Joannou leads our team of Tricopigmentation specialists. He is very passionate about making people look and feel great. Peter has over 30 years experience in the styling & grooming industry. He originally trained under George Papouis, Nicky Clarke, John Freida & Debbie Clifford, who is one of the most experienced Tricopigmentation practitioners in the world.
Peter has a vast knowledge of how to create an authentic and natural looking hair-line and finish. With his extensive knowledge of the construction and shape of different scalps, Peter is able to fully maximise the benefits that a typical tricopigmentation procedure has to offer, whilst maintaining the clients discretion.
'I love creating and improving hair-lines and also adding more density in men's and women's hair. The results are often life changing - helping people to re-build their confidence in themselves and their appearance.'
Having featured in high-profile news articles, online at the Huffington Post and most recently on BBC television, his expertise and knowledge on the procedure are truly unparalleled in the industry. He has successfully built a clinic, based in Brighton, East Sussex in which predominantly men can relax, unwind and look forward to their pioneering treatment.
Every member of our Trico Team promise to put you first. From a fuss-free no-obligation consultation, through to potential treatment and world-class after-care, Peter simply sets the standard on what you can expect before, during and after your premium quality treatment at our fully-certified and professional clinic.