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Tricopigmentation Procedure

What Are the Advantages of Tricopigmentation & How Much Does It Cost?

Tricopigmentation is the temporary hairline recovery procedure, which is similar, yet different to its alternative procedure, Micropigmentation. There are pros and cons for both and each one equally weights out the other. But we are focusing on the semi-permanent treatment which is available across many specialised clinics. This procedure was introduced after the Micropigmentation procedure took storm. Tricopigmentation offers its clients the option to ‘trial’ out the effects from microdot cosmetic procedure. Because it is temporary, the pigment will fade, much quicker than the more permanent option and touch-ups can be between 12-18 months. Should you feel this is the right procedure for you, you could then investigate the more permanent Micropigmentation procedure and what that could do for you. The overall effect is more or least the same, just a difference really in pigments and length on how often you should need to touch-up any treatments done to keep your hairline in top form.

'One of the advantages of Tricopigmentation is that it can give you a real change in your day-to-day lifestyle. With this less invasive procedure, you can achieve a younger and more confidence inspiring look’, says Peter Joannou, who runs his own <a href="">Tricopigmentation</a> practice in the south laines of Brighton. 'With a great physician (and with them having years of experience) you can get untraceable results that from the naked eye are not visible.’ He adds. The list below shows what is possible with this temporary procedure.

Means it fades, a ‘trial period’ where you can test out whether this life changing cosmetic procedure is really for you. Unlike its more permanent brother procedure, you would have to go under laser removal treatment to reverse the effects from treatment. Having a temporary option allows people to dip their toe into this procedure and decide whether this is the correct path you wish to take on.

The procedure being temporary is less invasive (but obviously like any medical or cosmetic procedure does carry risks). It is precise and requires less strong pigment injected into the scalp. This procedure uses a specialised needle which are uniquely fine and can further the hair follicle representation unlike standard shelf tattoo guns and needles. However, everything comes down to the technician’s skillset, dexterity and training.

Fear not, as the pigments used in Tricopigmentation eventually fade and you revert to your original hairline shape. Should you feel you’ve made a mistake you just need to wait out the 12-18 months and its like it never happened.

No need for laser removal procedures as the inks fade. This would be another cost added to your total.


Although this entirely depends on the specialist working on your treatment, but you can achieve a fantastic result even as a quick-term fix. If done with skill and precision, you can achieve a hairline with wonderful results that look amazing. However, the feeling is of course completely different to hair transplant treatment. But at least the illusion of the follicles is present and can completely change your look.

Losing your hair, thinning or finding patchiness within your hairline is probably a thought that races across every mans brain at some stage. This daunting moment can leave you feeling embarrassed and really take a beating to your confidence. For some it can have an entirely a negative affect on their mental health and wellbeing. Having the option for a procedure such as this is a wonderful thing to be aware of. If you decide to go ahead with it and use a trusted and talented specialist, you could regather your confidence and completely change your way of living.

Tricopigmentation is a similar process to getting a tattoo, with initially the same goal. The procedure for Trico and Micropigmentation for the most doesn’t hurt. The procedure will obviously vary, but some have found the procedure a little uncomfortable due to the needle entering your epidermis levels. Some clinics have specialised equipment where needles are ultra-thin and technology has evolved further too, since the procedure became more available for the market. This means that some experts can provide a treatment that feels non-invasive and only a slight individual intrusion into the skin is precise and minimally target.

The cost of Tricopigmentation will obviously vary between each clinic and physicians’ consultation. But overall the initial cost for a Tricopigmentation procedure is cheaper than the more permanent Micropigmentation procedure. However, the upkeep with regular touch-ups can soon become more expensive if you look ahead long-term. The upkeep for Tricopigmentation is often a 12-18-month recurrence, again it depends entirely on the individual and the expert who initially worked on you. This means that it could add up faster going for this less invasive temporary hairline fix. The best thing to do it to see how your finances are and have a consultation to see what the best treatment plan would be for you. Each case will be different, but prices can vary from around £1200+ for an initial treatment and then touch-up costs can range from £250-£420 depending on duration of months in between scalp top-up treatments. Overtime this sum will increase your total compared to a one of procedure Micropigmentation treatment, where the upkeep and touch-ups are much further apart. You’ll be looking at spending more so in the long haul if you choose to use this Tricopigmentation treatment to recover your hairline and density. It all depends on your own financial state and exactly the targeted area is along your hairline. And again, with the clinic and professional practitioner used. Cost shouldn’t be too much of your focus, but more so the skill set and experience of the technician doing the procedure. One trip to someone who charges significantly less, may result in an outcome that is less than preferred. Do your research and really investigate all the factors should you feel this procedure is the correct change you need for your wellbeing and lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a good place to start, we recommend that you e-mail Peter directly, who will be able to provide you with a free consultation, or direct you to a fully qualified and reputable specialist in your area. He can be contacted at: or on 07535230026. Peter has also agreed to offer 5% off your treatment when quoting ALEX5,