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Peter carrying out procedure

Tricopigmentation Revisited With Leading Specialist Peter Joannou

We have touched base previously about the revolutionary procedure called Tricopigmentation here on the blog! A specialised treatment to bring a deceptive collection of ‘hair growth’ on areas of the head. Targeted where it may be naturally thinner, or patchier. It's also well-worth considering if you're looking to create the illusion of a healthy and even shaved look. This groundbreaking procedure essentially is a mass of pigmented dots that are inserted just under the skins surface to give the illusion of hair follicles (a similar process to tattooing). It is done with specialised precision that brings forth more confidence to the men (and women) who undergo the process. There are two types of treatment, permanent and semi-permanent. We are focussing Tony’s semi-permanent procedure. We filmed and spoke to Tony who was coming in for his yearly top-up. His last procedure was his initial and first treatment and world-renowned Tricopigmentation practioner Peter Joannou performed it. A year later and Peter is reassessing Tony’s treatment here in the video.

Peter explains to us that a permanent treatment doesn't fade over the years and can often acquire a blue hue over time, as the pigment colour naturally disperses (much like how a tattoo fades). This was Tony’s worry, so he opted for the semi-permanent ink instead. He told us that his hair is naturally more grey/whiter and the area he requires the Tricopigmentation would look dramatically different over the years with a permanent procedure. With a semi-permanent treatment, Peter can keep on-top of his scalp and ensure the process leaves a consistency that Tony is happy with.

Now receiving top-ups over a long stretch of time, may sound the pricier of options and often it usually is. Peter Joannou explains a semi-perm treatment is more of an investment and encourages each person to debate exactly what results they are after and choose carefully. There are pros and cons to each type of procedure. He also advises people to choose their practice carefully. The initial and first treatment will cost a lump sum and each top-up afterwards will be around 25% of the initial price, as to keep it affordable for his clients.

His treatment facility has an incredibly reliable team of trained professionals. Tony is Peter’s client and with each top-up treatment, will continue to be his client. We spoke to Peter on stories of men who’ve gone fourth with a Tricopigmentation treatment in one facility and for their top-up a year later were passed across to another facility and new team of practitioners. Peter explains to us that he performs and will continue to do so to all his clients, just like Tony here. Peter keeps precise records of each of his clients, so he knows the scalp and the patient in detail. Tony commented that coming back to see Peter gave him more confidence, because it was Peter who initially performed the first treatment. He also mentions that you have more faith in the person performing the procedure, which is a great comfort to him.

Each client is different with what results they are wanting to achieve. Each pigment is created especially to his clients needs, be it a lighter or darker shade of ink. Peter mixes the inks and provides a small patch test to show whether his client is happy with the colour. He explained that there is a wide selection of shades he can blend. But unfortunately, there is currently still no pigments available yet for those who are red, or white in hair colour. This is something that possibly will come in time. Being able to blend each pigment for his patients allows a more natural finish to the hairline, as each person’s hair is different. Matching it to a level where the results are not noticeable and the illusion is very strong. With each treatment comes a risk, like any form of medical/cosmetic procedure. Peter ensures Tony’s confidence with the small patch test we mentioned above. He explained to us that there have been extremely rare reports from within the industry of clients who’s bodies have rejected the pigment. Peter’s is one of the UK’s top-leading Tricopigmentation specialists and his team have all had extensive training and qualifications. They always ensure a patch test to ensure safety to the person undergoing the treatment and take the patient through each step slowly.

After the actual treatment, the client's scalp will be washed with a specially formulated Tricopigmentation shampoo. The cleanser has been engineered with a patented technology and is incredibly mild and gentle against the skin. Working to clean and soothe the targeted area. It is an important step for Peter and his clients, that leaves the scalp/skin feeling what would be considered ‘normal/fine’. Lowering any risks of skin-inflammation and irritation.

The end results are subtle and impressive. Tony was pleased with how it all went as he talks to (MMUK MAN’s founder) Alex Dalley on how he looked and felt afterwards. Peter was careful and thorough with his time, giving Tony exactly what he expected from the treatment. Peter is leading specialist in the UK and his facility is based in Brighton, East Sussex. He also visits people's home's, which can be arranged during the very insightful consultation stage. Peter and his team of specialists are contactable on 01444 410 657 or 07535230026. During these difficult times, all consultations are being undertaken via FaceTime or Skype with current bookings being pushed back until social distancing measures are eased.