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Tricopigmentation At Peter Joannou Male Grooming Brighton

Tricopigmentation At Peter Joannou Male Grooming Brighton

About six weeks ago, I decided to do something a little daring, which you could almost describe as off the wall. I decided to get a tattoo! That’s right, me Alex Dalley, at the tender old age of 29, got inked up for the first time in my life. However, what you won’t be aware of is that the ink I decided to go for was actually semi-permanent and placed strategically on the crown of my head by Advanced Tricopigmentation specialist Peter Joannou, based in Brighton, East Sussex.

For those of you not familiar with Tricopigmentation, which we’re going to call ‘Trico’ to save my fingertips running out of batteries through writing it every couple of minutes, it is in fact a procedure which involves the implantation of a specifically developed pigment into the scalp. Trust me, it’s not half a scary as it sounds! The treatment is essentially the implanting of microscopic dots onto the scalp, that simulate the appearance of hair follicles and give the illusion of either more hair density, or an authentic shaved head effect.

Over the past couple of years, I’d been noticing the hair on my head (particularly the crown) getting thinner and thinner and dramatically less dense. My girlfriend and family members of course had been trying to play down the fact that my bald spot was getting more and more apparent - of course to try and rescue my evaporating self-esteem. I began to look into, what I believed at the time, was the only option for men in my boat - hair transplantation. After doing several hours reading online, I decided that as a 30th Birthday present to myself, I was going to shell out nearly £7,000 in order to give myself the boost I needed in the bathroom and beyond

So, there it was decided and thinking nothing more of it and eagerly counting down the months - I just carried on with my day to day life. Then, a few months back, I was in my local barbers and the issue of my confidence-crippling bald spot reared its ugly head again. I was then told about a treatment called <a href="">Tricopigmentation</a> (that’s the last time I write it out in full I promise) by my stylist and general male grooming guru Peter Joannou

He began to tell me about this revolutionary and significantly lower cost treatment that he’d recently began practicing in his shop called Trico and it’s safe to say, after seeing a folder of before and after’s, I could barely contain my surprise and excitement - I was intrigued!

The main hold up with the hair-transplant surgery I had planned was that it was indeed permanent and whilst it may look great in the aftermath and for a good few years thereafter - if other areas of my hair began to thin on my head, I’d most probably have to go back under the knife, so to speak, once again in the future. However, with Trico, one of the main things that struck a chord with me was that it is was semi-permanent.

With this kind of procedure, I knew I’d be walking straight into the unknown, but knowing even if the worse happened and my Trico failed to look natural and take shape, there would be no long term damage caused - something I couldn’t be assured of with hair transplant therapy.

After going for an initial consultation with Peter Joannou, it’s safe to say that he put my mind completely at rest. All the questions I had surrounding the potential pain, before and after care and the longevity of the treatment were answered, I’d almost say in style and he completely filled me with confidence that Trico was definitely the way to go.

With Trico costing between £1,200 and £2,000 depending on the size of the area that needs to be treated, the saving of over £5,000 was a nice touch too and my Autumn vacay to Benidorm was back on! The girlfriend never did say thank you for that road trip?

So, on a sunny day in sunny June, my first three hour stint of Trico got underway. After avoiding any hair products and using a non-fragranced baby shampoo for the week leading up to my treatment and making sure I’d applied sunblock to my bald spot everyday - I was ready to go!

The only thing that was still a worry was the pain! I’ve got a lower pain threshold than my 13-month old son and that’s not even an exaggeration, but after the first few minutes and once I got used to the prodding and buzzing around my head - I surprisingly began to get used to it. The pain was nowhere near what I’d imagined during the weeks leading up to it and I’d instead describe it as a mild discomfort. But hey, no pain, no gain, right?

After my first three hour session came to an end, I could definitely see the initial improvement in the appearance of my hair’s density. It actually looked like I had real hair up there and not a load of little black dots that had been in the back of my mind also.

The next day, I was ready for round two and with my scalp feeling slightly tender, Mr Joannou adjusted his tool (that doesn’t sound weird in the slightest!) to accommodate for it and after a couple of minutes, I once again could hardly feel a thing. It was after this two hour stint that the wow factor came. Rather than a denser looking bald spot, I could no longer see and baldness and instead, my entire head looked even and full of healthy hair growth. Result!

After taking a few before and afters and eagerly sending them to close friends and family in excitement, I was given a brief talk through on how crucial it was to look after my scalp, particularly over the next 10 days, which I diligently followed. There’s no doubt that the initial confidence boost that the treatment gave me a few months back is still as strong today and since undergoing the procedure, I’ve been feeling fantastic. I don’t want to sound like one of those corny actors advertising a skin care or cosmetic product on a TV advert, so please pardon my brevity.

If you’re a guy in the boat I was before this treatment, I’d urge you to train, trek or trike if necessary and book yourself in for this life-changing treatment. I’m aware that after eighteen months to two years, I’ll have to go back and have the treatment again, but I like that, as by then, I may even need other areas of my head treated.

Peter once described the treatment as ‘hair magic’ and I couldn’t agree more. Whether you’re a bloke trying to fix a bald spot, make your hair look thicker or looking for a shaved head effect - don’t waste your money on gimmick ‘hair growth’ products that fail to deliver and instead spend some real money on a very safe investment. If you'd like to contact Peter directly to discuss a free consultation, he is available at

If you’re looking for a good place to start, we recommend that you e-mail Peter directly, who will be able to provide you with a free consultation, or direct you to a fully qualified and reputable specialist in your area. He can be contacted at: or on 07535230026. Peter has also agreed to offer 5% off your treatment when quoting ALEX5,