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What Are the Advantages of Tricopigmentation & How Much Does It Cost?

Tricopigmentation Procedure
Tricopigmentation is the temporary hairline recovery procedure, which is similar, yet different to its alternative procedure, Micropigmentation. There are pros and cons for both and each one equally weights out the other. But we are focusing on the semi-permanent treatment which is available across many specialised clinics. This procedure was introduced after the Micropigmentation procedure took storm. Tricopigmentation offers its clients the option to ‘trial’ out the effects from microdot cosmetic procedure. Because it is temporary, the pigment will fade, much quicker than the more permanent option and touch-ups can be between 12-18 months. Should you feel this is the right procedure for you, you could then investigate the more permanent Micropigmentation procedure and what that could do for you. The overall effect is more or least the same, just a difference really in pigments and length on how often you should need to touch-up any treatments done to keep your hairline in top form.